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CIM Code Digital Privacy Policy

We thank CIM Code users for your precious trust in our website, and we are happy to provide our services for the success of your e-commerce, and we assure you that we are very keen to preserve the integrity of the data of all users of the site, including merchants and customers, and we take all preventive measures to protect that data, and we also thank you for viewing the privacy policy page You must read it carefully to know how we preserve your data and rights and to know the rights of CIM Code.


Our privacy policy page contains the following:

The personal data that we require from the merchant in order to be able to register on our site:

The merchant must agree to provide us with all the personal data that we need from him, while also agreeing to provide us with some of the data about his customers that we request from him.


A- Our site requires a set of data so that the merchant can register on our site and benefit from the services we provide, and the personal data that our site requires from the merchant is such as the full name, e-mail, mobile number, and password.

B- Our website requires some other data in order for the merchant to be able to activate the electronic payment for his online store, such as his commercial registration number, a copy of his commercial registration, a copy of his personal identity, and the IBAN number of the store's bank account.


Data we require from CIM Code visitors:

A- We collect some data from CIM Code visitors, such as the device used to browse the site, the type of browser used, and the visitor's protocol address.

B- We also collect some other data such as the name and email of the visitor.

C- We collect such data in order to know the requests of visitors and work to meet those requests.


The customer's responsibility to keep his data with CIM Code:


The customer maintains his data by not providing him with any important data of his to anyone else.



CIM Code Users Data Protection:

A- We are responsible for preserving the personal data of   CIM Code We take all measures to protect your personal data on our site.

B- We work by all means to preserve the data of all users of the site so that it becomes safe on our site, and we seek to preserve the privacy of the data of the merchants in every possible way.


6- Our uses of data about our users:

A- The data of the users of the site is used in specific cases and for the employees responsible for doing so.

B- The CIM Code website works in all ways to preserve the integrity of the platform and the safety of the users who subscribe to it, and if any violation occurs by any user of the application, this will make him fall under the terms and conditions of the users’ conditions and the penalties mentioned on this page will apply to him.


7- Users' financial rights:

The CIM Code site saves all data of the merchants' payment methods that are used in the process of paying the available subscriptions (packages). The site keeps all financial transactions confidential between it and the merchants.


8- Cookies:

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded when you browse and use the CIM Code website. We use user cookies to:

A- Identifying their needs and working to meet those needs.

B- Introduce users to some of the new services offered by the site or to display some useful ads provided by third parties such as Google ads.

C- To provide full technical support and assistance to all CIM Code users.


9- Dealing with third parties:

It is possible that third parties will be provided with some data about the merchants on the site or their customers, and all site users must know this well and agree to it. We provide third parties with that data in order for them to be able to provide the services requested by CIM Code users or in order to Displaying some advertisements or in order to market the products and services of third parties to them.


10- Our Site Rights:

All CIM Code users must agree to the CIM Code privacy policy page, and users must also know that CIM Code has the right to make modifications or additions to its privacy policy page at any time it wants to, in case the CIM Code management deems it That there is a need to implement it.

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