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information technology

Specializing in Internet services, technical and digital solutions, and developing websites and electronic stores to suit the nature of your activity



Creativity with our ideas, methods and techniques



 Connect your world to the electronic world



Brand marketing until you reach the top


digital world

Sim Code (CREATIVE = Creativity - Integration = Linking - Marketing = Marketing  – code = digital) is a Saudi company specialized in creating websites and stores and linking with electronic payment agencies and shipping companies. It was established from a group of projects Such as (Fahes - Mass Gulf Advertising) and it includes a distinguished group of cadres with accumulated experiences that made it a strong history and imprint in the field of information technology and design, and we seek in this entity to provide various solutions to the owners of projects and stores through designing and creating websites and electronic stores and linking with payment services Electronic, shipping companies, logistics and financial services installment system to facilitate

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Creation and design of websites and electronic stores

Linking with services

Designing the facades of the basket and zed department stores

SEO Services  search engine optimization

Develop basic regulatory aspects of electronic commerce such as  

our business

Our clients in Saudi Arabia

Our clients in Oman

Our clients in Saudi Arabia


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